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Reduce Microclimate Temperatures

The evaporative effect of water on a hot roof will cause an instant reduction of temperatures in the effeted area, creating an environment that is less conducive to fire. Attic temperatures can become up to 30 degrees cooler in less than an hour.

Increase Microclimate Humidity

The area under the sprinklers spray will not only get wet, but the humidity of the air in that space will increase rapidly. The buildings and attics under active sprinklers will have increased humidity.

Wet Nearby Trees

While most roofs will not catch fire, nearby trees can ignite and catch fire due to burning embers. If sprinklers are positioned and aimed at those trees, they can get soaked before they catch fire.

Wet Roofs

Hot Embers can land on a dry roof and then slide into an opening on the roof such as a vent. If the roof is wet, the hot ember will immediatly be extinguished

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Comments are the opinions of individuals

I orderer 2 of them. Easy to assemble and work great. We have a lot of wildfires fire in my area. Great peace of mind having them!


Soaks my roof. i connected a stainless steel hose from amazon to this very well made sprinkler. i feel safer after the massive fires in sonoma county destroyed thousands of homes. its likely this will not save a home in the direct line of a firestorm but it will keep your home safe from falling embers. solid , heavy and just makes me feel better if fires ever erupt again. If you have to evacuate turn it on and get the heck out of the fire zone. this device may save your home.


Fantastic product I live in an active wild fire region. I have purchased three of these sprinklers two for the main house and one for the smaller house. Great quality.


With fires becoming more and more common in San Diego and Firefighters unable to be in so many places at one time, it is nice to know that I can at least do something to keep my home a little bit safer. I don't think a few sprinklers are going to stop a huge fire on their own, but it can help to reduce temperatures in my home and keep a hot ember from setting my roof on fire.

Christy E

During the recent Coco's Fire, I frantically sprayed my yard and parts of my roof with a hose before being forced to evacuate my home with my family. I wish that I could have had more peace of mind when we drove away, not knowing if I had done enough and if our home would still be standing. We were very fortunate two days later when we were allowed to return home that it was still there. I then went online to see what else was available to me as a homeowner in regards to fire protection. I purchased the three pack of sprinklers.

Dan and Laurie
San Marcos, CA

I live off Quail Gardens Drive in Encinitas. My home borders the preserve that is off this street. Though the recent fires did not come too close (thankfully) to my home, I wanted to better prepare myself for any possibilities that a fire could occur in my own backyard, or in the canyon directly behind my home. I purchased two sprinklers and after testing them, feel prepared should a fire occur that the sprinklers would sufficiently cover my home and landscaping in water that embers would not be able to ignite on my property. Within about twenty minutes of running the sprinklers, my yard and house looked like it had been rained on for a number of hours. Everything was soaking wet!


My parents live off Poinsettia Road in Carlsbad and were within reach of the Poinsettia Fire that recently burned a few months back. After evacuating, my mother complained that my father was so concerned with hosing down the home that they did not take enough time to grab all the belongings that she wanted to grab. Lucky for them, their home still stands and their belongings were undamaged. I went online to find a product that would allow them to protect their home while they were evacuating and that would do the job that my father was doing with a garden hose. I found San Diego Rooftop Sprinklers and ordered a set for my parents' home. My father and I were very impressed with the coverage that the sprinkler provided. I think almost fifty feet! I plan on installing some on my own home soon as well.