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For the Fire in my Own Back Yard

Tuesday May 13th 2014.

I was at my office when I got a phone call from my wife Christy. She was visiting my parents with our two year old daughter and there was a fire about a quarter mile away. Minutes later she said that the fire was rapidly approaching and there was smoke outside. I told her to drop everything and evacuate immediately. I heard that a lot of people has saved their homes by soaking the roof with a garden hose, but there was but there was no time for that and there was too much smoke outside. Even if it were not for the smoke outside, manually holding the hose was not going to protect the entire building. Minutes later there was a mandatory evacuation. My wife and my parents put my daughter in the car, grabbed what they could and drove away. The fire burned to the east, north, west and south of my parent's home. We assumed they were going to lose everything and could only watch the news from across town. Hours later I evacuated my home as well. It was up to the direction and the strength of the wind what would burn and what would survive. A single hot ember lifted from the fire could easily have landed on my parents' roof and started a fire in the middle of their community. There was nothing we could do about it other than cheer and pray for the firefighters. Never again, I promised myself. Never again would I be so unprepared for a fire near my home in Carlsbad.

This was not the first close call, in 2007 we evacuated because of the witch fire. This time it was different, this time it was just luck that more people did not lose their lives. I immediately began to research rooftop sprinkler systems and read a case study about the effectiveness of wetting the roof as soon as there is a fire nearby. As you would expect - a wet roof is much less likely to catch fire. I also learned that it can reduce the temperature in the attic because the evaporating water carriers away heat. I wanted a sprinkler that was mostly metal so it would not crack in the hot sun. I wanted it to be heavy so it would not blow away in strong winds. I wanted it to match the color of my roof so my HOA would approve it! I contacted Randy and we started work on making sprinklers. With the sprinklers installed, I will at least not feel helpless and can do more than just cross my fingers the next time there is a fire in San Diego. I have little doubt that there will be more fires in San Diego, as the world seems to become a drier and hotter place every year.

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No sprinkler system or like device can protect buildings or the occupants of buildings from wildfire. This sprinkler system will distribute water over your property if: installed correctly, activated in advance, and assuming water is flowing to the sprinklers. Rooftop Sprinklers will continue to operate without supervision. Always immediately evacuate a building in case of fire. Never stay inside of a building in case of fire. Always evacuate based on instructions from government authorities. If properly installed and operated in accordance with the applicable instructions, a sprinkler will reduce the risks posed by ember attack. Sprinklers will not protect buildings or the occupants of buildings from the direct flame or radiant heat of a wildfire. The purchasers will install and operate sprinklers at their own risk and release and indemnify the manufacturers and suppliers of sprinklers and their directors, officers, servants, agents, employees and assigns from and against all actual, direct, indirect or alleged claims, damages, demands, losses, costs, liabilities, suits, actions, expenses or proceedings any whether arising under any statute or at common law, arising out of or in connection with injury to (which shall include illness) or death of any person or damage to or destruction of any real or personal property caused directly or indirectly by or in connection with the manufacture, supply, installation, operation or performance of sprinklers. Manufacturer is not responsible for adequate water flow to sprinkler in any event, such as but not limited to if the water supply is turned off or if there is a lack of water pressure.